Tenant Communication

Use the telephone 480-393-0893, email, the 4leasetoday.com website email access, or written correspondence to contact us. What is important is that you bg_tenant_splash1DO contact us when you need assistance with any of our homes for rent in Arizona.  Remember Entrust Realty is here to help you!

During office hours, listed on page 4, there is normally a live person to answer your call. Please state the reason for your call, so that someone can assist you, or direct your call to the right party. Your management team may not be available or in the office, and one of the office team members may be able to help you with your request.

If, during the day you reach our voice mail system, use the extension number for the party you are trying to reach, and if they are not available, leave a message, complete with your name and the telephone numbers where Entrust Realty can reach you, both day and evening. Someone will return your call. The benefit of a voice mail system is the ability to leave a message twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Of course, the voice mail system will take all messages after hours (please refer to the hours on the next page).

During normal office hours, immediately state if you have an emergency. If you reach the Entrust Realty voice mail system during office hours, or after the office is closed, immediately choose the emergency option. Please remember that all Work Orders must be in writing, unless it is an emergency. This is in your rental agreement. You can access a work order online at the Entrust Realty website, 4leasetoday.com, at the Entrust Realty office, and in this tenant handbook.

It is important that you notify Entrust Realty of any changes in telephone, fax, cell numbers, or email. An information change form is located in this handbook as well. Email is a great way to communicate and we request that you send your email address to pm@4leasetoday.com. Entrust Realty will put your email address in our database. This enables your management team to contact you quickly and efficiently, and when needed, send you important information In addition, you will receive our company email newsletter.

The Entrust Realty website, 4leasetoday.com contains important information for tenants. Visit it regularly to use the Tenant services.   Login to the tenant portal.  There you can submit work orders, etc.