Renters Insurance

Arizona property owners generally carry a standard fire and liability policy, and have additional coverage with “landlord/rental” insurance, but this type of insurance typically does not cover the contents or possessions of the resident.  The reason that insurance companies do not provide this type of coverage is because they are “non-owner” occupied properties.   Therefore, it is very important for renters to have adequate insurance coverage for their own personal item and Renters-insurance-bdf14e contents.

Please refer to your lease to see if renters insurance is required.  If is it then please provide us with proof of insurance within 5 days of signing the lease.

If you think it is not important, sit down and write out a list of your possessions in one column.  In a second column, list how much it would cost to “replace” them.  You will be surprised how the list can really add up.  Renter’s insurance can be a huge life safer in the untimely event of a fire or flood damage.

One never knows what surprises life will bring so it’s always best to be prepared.  Renter’s insurance is very affordable and well worth the investment.  Contact an insurance agent if you do not have renters insurance.  You can find them in the telephone directory, search the Internet, or ask a friend. The Internet can also provide both information and comparison-shopping.  To avoid a loss, acquire renters insurance now!  …and remember, your lease may require it…