Rental Payments

pay rentRent Payments of your Arizona rental property are due on the first of each month and late if not received by the third.  If you know that you will have a delay or problem paying by the due date, contact your management team immediately.  Lack of communication can affect your payment record.


Entrust Realty receives rental payments by:

    • US mail
    • In the Entrust Realty office
    • By using ACH (Automated Clearing House) – this automatically deducts your rental payment directly from your bank and deposits it into the Entrust Realty bank, saving you time and insuring that your payment is always on time.

Entrust Realty does NOT accept rental payments in:

  • Cash
  • Rolled coin
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Post-dated checks

If you fail to pay rent on time and in full, you could incur the following charges:

  • Late fee – the Entrust Realty late fee is $50 if rent is not received by the 3rd, additional daily charges may apply as well, check your lease agreement for details.
  • Service fee – the Entrust Realty service fee is $50, if a notice to pay or quit is served because your rent is not received in a timely manner.  These are issued on the 6th day of each month
  • Maintenance charge – Entrust Realty will bill you if you have made an appointment with a vendor but failed to meet them at the scheduled time.  If Entrust Realty receives a service call billing, you are responsible for reimbursement.

Maintenance reimbursement

Generally, Entrust Realty assigns a vendor to perform work you request in your residence.  Whether or not repairs are completed is completely and solely up to the owner.  Entrust Realty DOES NOT approve or deny work order requests, we simply execute upon the owner’s wishes.  If a repair request is denied, please understand that Entrust Realty is only adhering tot he wishes of our client, the owner of the property.

In certain circumstance Entrust Realty will advocate on your behalf to have denied repairs completed.  Please be patient with us in these situations.  You are our customer and we want to do all in our power to make sure that you have a clean, safe and well-maintained home so, rest assured, that we will help wherever and whenever possible.

Furthermore, if you have contacted Entrust Realty and requested to perform a minor maintenance item that you wish to pay for and that the owner has approved, then Entrust Realty will agree to reimburse you.  Reimbursement works in the following way:

  • Pay the bill and send the receipt to Entrust Realty.
  • Entrust Realty will reimburse the amount due to you via check, ACH direct deposit or by crediting your ledger.
  • Do NOT deduct the amount from your rent unless specifically directed to do so or unless your portal ledger shows an amount equal to rent less any prepaid items you forwarded to us.