Property HomeCare Checks

Periodic Inspections are Important to Property Management to Maintain the Quality of Your Investment.

helpinghandsFrom a risk management standpoint, it is important to make sure that any factors that might affect the health and safety of your tenants are controlled as much as possible.   That’s why we invented our unique HomeCare Check.

Through a series of special inspections wee check for a number of items.  For investors that join our Property Plus Flat Rate Program this is an included option!   For investors on our traditional program, inspections are optional for a small added fee.  

Here’s what is included in our patented HomeCare Check:

  • We check air filters and light bulbs and change when necessary.
  • Are smoke detectors installed and working?
  • Are there any broken or cracked windows?
  • If the property has a pool, are all pool laws being followed?
  • Are all fences, doors, and other barriers properly installed and working?
  • Is the hot water heater regulated properly to prevent scalding a child?
  • Are there any trip hazards that need to be taken care of?
  • Are Ground Fault Interrupter outlets installed and working properly to prevent electrocution?
  • Is mold present under sinks or in moist areas that need to be eliminated?

It is important to know about the condition of your property.

Things do wear out and it is important to address them in a timely manner so they do not cost you more in additional maintenance. Being aware of the overall condition of your property is an important aspect of property management. If you would like a thorough inspection of your property, we will be glad to coordinate with a professional inspection company, or we will inspect it for you. Since there is some time and expense involved in these kind of inspections, a fee must be charged.

Home Maintenance Services

When The Tenant Calls for Home Maintenance and Repairs:

We see if we can help the tenant take care of the problem.

Often it is just a matter of pressing a reset button or something else that is simple. If we can walk the tenant through this, we can save you money on home maintenance costs.

Discern if the charge should be to the tenant.

Any item broken by or damaged by a tenant is a tenant charge. For instance, if a toilet is plugged and we discover an item the tenant has dropped in it, then it becomes a tenant charge.

We must discern if this is a health and safety issue.

If this is an issue that affects the health and safety of the resident in the home, then by law we must address it immediately.  Likewise, if the problem is going to create further damage to the structure, we will use our best judgment and act quickly.  If condition exists that is in violation of the Arizona Landlord / Tenant Act, we must also correct the problem as quickly as possible.

We will attempt to communicate with the owner Entrust Realty regarding the repair and cost.

If you have a fax or email, we will send you a note with a work order.  We ask our owners for an “authorization amount” under which we can independently proceed with home maintenance and repair items. If the work needed exceeds that amount, we will need the owner’s approval and direction before we proceed. See the page “Communication Is Key.”

Have the right person do the work.

We have people that we have worked with for many years that we know and trust. They will do the job right the first time or will go back at no charge to you.  Home maintenance can be a breeze and can actually save you money in the long-run when done by reputable subcontractors that warranty their work!

Follow up to make sure the repair was done right.

Sometimes a simple call to the tenant can assure us the job was done right. Often a follow-up inspection is required.