Invest in Real Estate in Arizona

Investing in Real Estate in Arizona is one of the biggest investments some people make in their lifetime.  Therefore SUCCESSFUL GUIDANCE is the key to what could be a LIFELONG return.  That successful journey and experience starts with being educated about your INVESTMENT.

Rental Investment Professionals who invest in real estate in Arizona can generate great cash flow and create real, long-term wealth if handled carefully.

How do we help our clients invest in real estate in Arizona?

  • Provide Experienced Real Estate Agents versed in real estate investment and property management
  • Free ROI Projections and Rental Analysis
  • Advanced Systems to facilitate buying, marketing, and leasing.
  • Focus on the Five Avenues of Wealth Growth!real-estate-investor

The Five avenues of wealth growth via an investment property are:

  • Cash flow
  • Appreciation
  • Reduction of loan principle by tenant rental payments
  • Tax benefit through depreciation
  • Tax liability reduction due to interest paid on the mortgage

When an investor chooses to invest in real estate in Arizona, wealth is created in multiple ways.  First, in the metro area of Phoenix, Arizona (an area which includes cities like Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Goodyear and areas like the West Valley and the East Valley) most properties experience appreciation in value over time thereby creating an increase in equity.  Additionally, in rental properties the loan is being paid down by rents collected from tenants.

When invested properly, positive cash flow is another source of wealth growth.  In addition, there are certain tax advantages due to depreciation and interest paid.   Add it all up, and it is one of the soundest investment an individual can possibly make.  (Naturally, everyone’s financial situation is different and those factors can affect some of the benefits described above, it is always recommended and prudent to consult your own accountants and tax advisers when making any investment decisions.)

This is the optimum time to invest in real estate in Arizona.

Participate Auction Properties For The Masses!  We can help:

  • Expert Auction Bidding
  • Real-Time access to potential properties
  • Photos, drive-by, and repair analysis

At Entrust Realty, we have the qualifications and experience to ensure our client’s satisfaction. We provide best-in-class customer service and solutions just as our name implies.

Simplify your life with our FLAT FEES and GUARANTEES!

Entrust Realty is a full service Property Management Company. We hire only the best to serve our clients. We are confident that you will love our service so we offer a money back guarantee! We also have no cancellation fee and provide a 2 Month Rent Protection Tenant Guarantee if you sign up for our Property Plus Program.

Entrust Realty Promise:

  • 90 Day RISK FREE, 100% Satisfaction or Money Back
  • ZERO Management Fees until your property is Rented

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

  • Prompt Professional Communication
    We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our clients. We guarantee that you will be impressed with our ability to keep you informed, be it through phone, email, voicemail, or letter. Poor communication is the top frustration investors have expressed concerning other property management companies.  Entrust Realty Real Estate Sales and Property Management was founded on the principle that better service is your right.
  • Collection of Rent
    We are proud of our highly efficient rent collection process which ensures prompt payment. We provide strict, well-communicated guidelines for our tenants, and we follow through with consistency and diligence.
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Our marketing is top notch!  Our efforts include but are not limited to: signs, internet, phone book, newspaper, flyers, and MLS.  We market on over 80+ websites and get maximum exposure to find the perfect tenant.
  • Quality Tenant Screening
    We are very careful with our tenant screening.  Our system does checks that include: credit score/history, rental history, employment verification, fraud detection, tenant predictor score, multi-state detection, and other crucial information. Our leasing agents then make a recommendation based on the information. However, the client makes the final decision.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance
    With a full team of handyman, contractors, third party vendors, etc. we ensure that your home will be kept in good condition!
  • Flexible Lease Contracts
    Flexibility is essential for success in the single family residence leasing market. At Accountability, we encourage our investors to consider a wide range of lease types, including: month to month, 1 year, 2 year, lease with option to purchase, etc. Prospective tenants have many properties to choose from in today’s leasing climate, and are shopping for the best value. Often the success of a lease arrangement is based on more than just the length and rent amount.
  • Accounting Statements
    Entrust Realty provides clear accounting statements to our clients that accurately reflect expenditures, rent income, and other financial factors.
  • Utility Management Services
    For an additional fee, Accountability will assist with utility arrangements for the rental property. This popular but optional service saves our clients time and effort, as routine administrative procedures, deposits, repairs and wait times are handled for you.
  • Quick Resolution of Tenant Concerns
    Tenant concerns are dealt with promptly, professionally, and effectively. At Accountability we recognize that these concerns require validation, no matter how insignificant the issue may seem. Our team are experts at creating win/win outcomes. The result for our clients is greater lease renewals, longer occupancy periods, and strong referrals.
  • Most Efficient Eviction Process Allowed by Law
    It is inevitable that some evictions will occur. Adhering to the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, Accountability has created a streamline eviction process. In most cases, evictions can be completed in less than 25 days.