Inspection Process

inspectionRoutine Property Inspections on our Arizona properties are the #1 way we protect your investment property. If you’re not holding your tenants accountable to the terms of the lease and verifying they are maintaining your property correctly, you could be out $1,000’s at move out.

At Entrust Realty – Real Estate Sales and Property Management, we complete two interior inspections of your property during the term of the lease. The first inspection takes place a few months after your tenant moves in. This time frame allows the tenant enough time to move in and get comfortable. This way we get a feel for how they live and will maintain the home.

The second inspection takes place a few months prior to move out. This allows us to determine if we would recommend renewing the lease for another year or get a head start on what damages or repairs are necessary upon move out.  That facilitates the quickest turn around and shortest vacancy possible.

When these inspections are completed you are provided with notes on the condition of the property as well as pictures(if available). We have found this to be the most efficient systems to help avoid damages and be proactive in a bad tenant situation.

Entrust Realty handles Property Management in the entire Phoenix Metro area which includes; Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix and the West Valley.  Let us help you get the positive cash flow your looking for.  Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have.