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Are you frustrated and tired of managing your rental, are you unsatisfied with the results and communication from property management companies? If you are looking for reputable, cost effective property management companies with individualized attention to you and your property then your search is over!

Our full service property management company takes over where other property  management companies leave off!  Our commitment to service means we’ll treat your property as if it was our own; giving you quality and knowledgeable service and attention. Our unique services align your interests and ours making sure that you win.  Take a look at just a few of our property management services designed with our goal for you to have a successful rental management experience.rental-management

  • Full Service Property Management and Leasing
  • Property Evaluation, Documentation and Inspection
  • Property Marketing
  • Complete Tenant Screening
  • Legal Forms, Rent Collection and Eviction
  • Property Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance and Repair
  • Security Deposit Accounting and Comprehensive Accounting Services
  • Owner and Tenant Relations
  • Our Guarantee.
  • We will minimize your personal day to day involvement, stress and aggravation.
  • We will be here when you or the tenant need us.



“What a Godsend this property management company was for me!! I was renting my home in a suburb of Phoenix and my tenant was beginning to drive me crazy with her relentless demands and continual tendency to pay her rent late each and every month. The second I hired this company, I literally never had to think about it again and they took care of everything! It was so worth the low fee they requested. I literally slept better at night not having to deal with that hassle all the time!”

Nevin A.

“Where do I start???  I have used several property management companies for my rental properties in the past with limited success or satisfaction with their services.  Trust me when I tell you, this is not the case with Entrust Realty!”

“They actually have a professional go out and inspect each of my properties every 60 days and send me a full detailed property inspection report complete with photos.  Now I know the condition of each property and never have any unpleasant surprises of the property condition.  I have also noticed since switching to Entrust Realty that ALL my tenants keep the properties in better condition than they had previously!!!  Hallelujah!  I know the fact that my tenants are now aware that the properties are going to be inspected on a regular basis gives them incentive to keep them in good condition.  The tenants like the inspections as well since Entrust Realty replaces the air filters for them and checks to make sure everything is in working order!  Win / Win for me and my tenants.

Also, everything is automated and I never have to deal with my tenants directly.  I can reply to any questions, approve any work orders, manage monies, and much more (that I can’t think of right now), directly online without having to place a phone call, or physically visit the property.

I can’t recommend this management company enough, I have finally found a Long Term Partnership for my rental property needs!  Five Stars!!!”

Jay M

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Our Solutions


Our company has provided outstanding customer service since 2002 and is one of the fastest-growing single family residential property management companies in the valley.


We’ll do background checks and double-check applicants’ information to make sure everything is correct. We get your written approval before placing any tenant in your property.


Just log on to your tenant portal and pay your rent online.